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Whether looking for a vacation destination or a relocation option, Costa Rica has much to offer. The entire county lies within the tropical zone just north of Panama. The name itself, meaning “Rich Coast”, reflects the country’s beauty. Boasting some of Central America’s most beautiful beaches along both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, mountainous rainforests and jungles run through the country’s centre. It is world renowned for its rich and diverse series of ecosystems and micro-climates, each with a unique combination of terrain, flora and fauna. With .03% of the world’s land mass, it claims 91,000 animal and plant species, equivalent to 4.5% of the species identified globally, being one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. Costa Rica is known internationally as one of the greenest countries in the world, being the only country to meet all five of the UN Development Program’s criteria for measuring environmental sustainability. Nearly 25% of Costa Rica’s land area is protected, and its advanced environmental policies are aimed at achieving national carbon neutral status by 2021. The country’s tourism logo, “Costa Rica – No Artificial Ingredients”, says it all.

The country has a thriving economy, powered mainly by tourism, with a focus on ecotourism, and a vibrant high-technology industrial sector in the capital of San Jose. Regularly ranked highly for its safe and peaceful quality of life, Costa Rica is a stable democracy which abolished its military in 1949, and invests in progressive social policies, universal education and advanced health care. Costa Rica’s strong democratic traditions are reflected in its hosting of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nations’ University for Peace.

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